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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science   |    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena 

International Workshop on

Smoothness, Approximation, and Function Spaces

October 10-16, 2010, in Oppurg/Thür. (Germany)

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The Research Group "Function spaces" in the Mathematical Institute of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena organises a workshop on "Smoothness, Approximation, and Function Spaces" in Oppurg in Thuringia.

The conference is an essential part of the German-Ukrainian research project "Smoothness from the point of view of theory of function spaces (classes) and approximation". It is mainly funded by the DFG (436 UKR 113/103/0-1). We expect more than 40 participants at our conference. Now we would like to give you the latest information.

  1. Arrival & Departure
    You may find train connections to Freyburg via http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de.

    Detailed travel instructions to the venue can be found on the (German) web-pages of the hotel


    For making the arrangements as smooth as possible, we ask you to inform us about your exact arrival time in Oppurg in your earliest convenience, but not later than October 5, 2010.

    We plan to organise some shuttles/taxis from Oppurg railway station to our conference hotel

    CJD Schloss Oppurg, Schlossstraße 2, D-07381 Oppurg/Thür.,

    on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Possibly someone will welcome you at the station, please look for the conference poster. If you do not find us at the station, or in case of some trouble (delay, ...) you can contact us via the following phone numbers (within Germany, otherwise replace the leading `0' by the country code '+49'):

    Hotel03647 432 -0
    Mobile Phone (organisers)0176 64155665

  2. Conference Schedule
    The arrival is on Sunday evening (October 10, 2010). It is possible to organise a dinner (at your own expense) for that evening, but we need the number of people interested in this opportunity in advance. The lectures start on Monday, October 11, 2010, at 10.00 a.m., and will end on Friday, October 15, 2010, at 16:45/4.45 p.m. The scientific programme is available here. Nevertheless we shall send a separate email to all of you having a talk on the first day.

    The lecture room will be equipped with two overhead projectors, a data projector + laptop, and a small board. There will also be an opportunity for ad hoc -seminars.

    Wednesday afternoon is reserved for a hiking trip through the beautiful local scenery or, alternatively, a guided tour.

    The hiking tour starts in Saalburg (where we go by bus together) situated at the artificial lake Bleiloch. The Bleiloch is the biggest artificial lake in Germany and it is also called `Thuringian Ocean'. We walk along the lake to the dam wall and will have the opportunity for a short side trip to enjoy the magnificent view over the artificial lake. Then we pass the wall that dams up the river Saale (built in 1926-32 with 65 meters height and 205 meters length) and proceed along the river in a beautiful nature until we reach the castle Burgk. There we shall meet the rest of our group. The hiking tour is about 20 km long and we have 4 hours time. The trip is not very exhausting because we stay most of the time directly at the level of the artificial lake or later at Saale level. You will have to pay a small contribution to the travel expenses (bus) of 8 € per person.

    Alternatively, we have organised an excursion starting as well from Saalburg, but instead of walking around the lake we shall first have an one-hour boat trip on the lake. Afterwards the bus will take us to the nearby castle Schloss Burgk where a guided tour (in English) will lead us through the interesting place and conclude with a 30 minutes organ recital on the famous Silbermann organ there. Afterwards we meet the hikers and go back to Oppurg (by bus). This excursion, including the boat trip, the guided tour with the organ recital, and a small contribution to the travel expenses (bus) sums up to 25 € per person.

    The contribution should be paid at the conference registration in the hotel. As we have to arrange details in advance, please let us know as soon as possible, but not later than September 30, 2010, in which programme (hiking or boat trip+castle or none of these) you are interested (if you have not yet done so).

    We shall have a special workshop dinner on Wednesday evening.

    Moreover, we plan to have an international football match (if there are enough potential players), most likely on Tuesday evening.

  3. Registration, Costs & Payment
    The conference office (located in the foyer of the hotel) will be open on Sunday afternoon from 15:00 / 3 p.m. until late, and on Monday morning starting at 8.30 a.m. You will get the conference material and also acknowledgments of receipt (conference fee) there. Please be prepared to pay the fee for the excursion (boat trip 25 €, hiking 8 €) at your registration if you want to take part in either of them.
    Please make sure that your conference fee (of now 100 €) is paid in advance. This must be done by bank transfer only, where bank charges have to be assumed by the registrant. Please send us an email (to safs2010@uni-jena.de) or a fax (to +49 3641 9-46102), with a copy of the bank remittance slip, or take a copy of it with you (in particular, when we have not yet confirmed the arrival of your money on our conference account).

    The accommodation should be paid directly to the hotel in cash only (unless we have special agreements with you).

  4. Lecture Notes
    Recall that instead of (usual, printed) Proceedings we plan to offer all speakers of this workshop the possibility to send us their material, slides etc. afterwards (preferably in pdf). Alternatively also a (closely linked) paper would be welcome.
    We collect all this material (or links to your personal web pages) and "publish" it on a special web page of this workshop such that participants can download the files. You may contact us if you have any question.
  5. Summary of the deadlines
    September 30, 2010choice of excursion (hiking / boat trip+castle / none of these)
    October 5, 2010information about expected arrival (and departure) time
  6. Latest news
    You may visit our conference web-site regularly to find out the latest news. There you will also find our workshop poster.



We are looking forward to meeting you in Oppurg.


For further information, please contact the organisers.

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